Earn more money on KORK

With a few improvements, you can greatly increase your chances of getting a task.

1. Complete your profile

The more a customer knows about you, the higher the chances that they will accept you. Include any information on your profile that you can provide.

2. Upload "trustworthy" images

A customer's decision is very much influenced by your profile picture. Make sure your profile picture appears friendly and trustworthy. The face should be visible. Victor Huang has a good video on how to take professional headshots.


3. Improve your description

4. Select the correct order

Many Korkers choose the wrong job. Take the time to choose the right one for you. See if it is too far away, is one of your competencies and the other comments from the customer. Don’t take jobs that you can’t do.

5. Communication 🤝

6. Organisation ✍️

Registration at the social welfare office

As long as you have earned less than 2,300 francs on KORK as a Korker, you do not have to deduct any social security contributions from your earnings. As soon as you exceed the limit, you have to register your self-employment with the compensation office.

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